Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Taking a bit of a breather now. I finished Animation Mentor and sent out demo reels. Now I wait and see if anything happens. Just wait for a while and catch my breath and some much needed sleep.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger rebecca said...

Congrats and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for ya!!

At 7:18 AM, Blogger Arthur said...

when can we see the final product?

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci said...

No kidding, I hope I win the "Where the Beckstead will be working" pool!!

Your work has always been a huge inspiration Brandon and I look forward to seeing more of it on the big screen.

At 7:23 PM, Blogger BrandonBeckstead said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I do have something in the works but I can't talk about it yet. Hopefully next week I will know a bit more. Thanks for your help.

arthur you can see the final version of my film in the post I made just before this one.


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Nimatron said...

Hey Brandon,

Just wanted to drop by and say big belated congrats on graduating! I especially appreciate that you went over your workflow in the AM forum/ Extremely helpful stuff.

Best of luck to you. Are you gonna be at the January Graduation?


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